4-masonic-ringsWhen I started to look for a ring that I could wear to symbolize my involvement in the mason organization, I knew that the ring had to be just the perfect one for me. This kind of a ring would be something that I would be wearing for the rest of my life so I didn’t want to just jump into wearing something that was specifically designed in a style that was too modern.

I took a lot of time looking at all of the different options that I had just so that I would be able to find the very best masonic rings for me. It took me a good amount of time to look at many of these rings just so that I would be able to make a good decision about what kinds of rings would be the ones that I would be able to see myself wearing for a long time.

Finally, I decided on a really beautiful gold masonic ring that I knew was something that I would cherish for a long time. I have been very happy with this decision since the ring that I have is one that is both beautiful and simple. With a ring like this, I should be able to wear it for many years without it ever going out of style of looking odd on my finger.

Masonic Jewelry Isn’t All Rings

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3-masonic-jewelryWhile many of the members of the freemason organization wear rings, these are not the only types of jewelry that you may be able to wear if you are a member. It turns out that there are a lot of different types of jewelry items that can bear the logo of the masons. Many of these different items are very attractive and have special meaning to the people who wear them.

Among the different items that are available are many different types of pendants that have the beautiful insignia of this organization. It is always wonderful to discover different types of masonic jewelry items that can be easily worn. Some people may even end up choosing to wear different items like lapel pins or even cufflinks that have the symbol put on them.

It is wonderful being able to have such beautiful jewelry if you are a freemason since this of course gives you a lot of option in what you wear that has the symbol on it. With so many options there are many wonderful ways that people can use this symbol and wear it regularly. It is always interesting to see what different people decide when it comes to these different items.

2-freemasons-buildingIf I spend some time thinking back on it, I can remember my grandpa when I was little and how he always wore a masonic ring on his finger. Mostly I know that this is the case though since my father always used to talk about it. This was something that my father had been very proud of his father for having and because of this he always wanted to earn one of his own.

These different types of rings aren’t ones that you can just get because you want them though. My father had to actually join the freemasons and show some dedication to this organization and everything that they did. He was happy to eventually be able to join and to even be able to finally get his freemasons ring. It was an achievement that he was very proud of.

Due to all of the importance that my father put on this all of these years, I have found that I too am striving for the same level of success. I know that one day when I am able to wear a ring like this, I will be joining these other generations in achieving a wonderful goal we share.


1-masonic-ringsWhen I first asked my grandpa about the ring that he wore on his finger, I wasn’t sure that he would even answer me. My grandpa could be a grumpy old man and he didn’t like to talk that much in general. I had only gotten up the courage to ask the question since the right was something that really intrigued me and I just had to have some kind of an answer.

To my surprise, my grandpa was very excited about telling me about this ring and the significance that it had to him specifically. I had known that it was an important ring since it was one that he wore all of the time, but I hadn’t known that it was a symbol that showed his belonging to the freemasons organization. He was happy to tell me all that he knew about it.

It was wonderful to be able to listen to my grandpa as he talked about masonic rings and the great level of meaning that they held for many of the people that he met with during freemasons meetings. I knew that the ring was something that was always important to him since he kept the ring close to him all of the time.


fox4I never knew much about Freemasonry or about Masonic jewelry but I have learned a lot about it lately. Masonic jewelry has a lot of meaning and it is sort of like wearing a wedding ring that shows the bond that you have with your husband or wife. Masonic jewelry is about representing the strong and eternal bond that you have to your Freemason brothers.

The brotherhood that Freemasons have is incredible. They are really committed to each other and to helping out one another. They are bound together for life and they wear jewelry that represents that. Jewelry of this kind is often very impactful and it is of very high quality. It is jewelry that has so much meaning.

I think that the most important aspect of Masonic jewelry is that it represents a strong bond. This jewelry is a sign to everyone about what the person wearing it stands for and is committed to. This kind of jewelry is very special and there are different variations that represent different things. It is always interesting to learn more about the significance of jewelry of the Masonic kind. I have been intrigued my Freemasonry for a long time and am excited to learn more about it.


fox3My family has been a part of Freemasonry for a long time. My dad finds it important to wear his Masonic ring and so does my brother and my grandpa. My family has experienced the brotherhood and bond of Freemasonry and they find it very important to show it by wearing their Masonic rings. There are all kinds of different rings out there that all have a special meaning and significance.

The rings that the members of my family wear all have different designs and they all signify something that is very important. There are some universal symbols that are featured on the rings that let people know that they are part of Freemasonry. The world can see how dedicated they are to the Masonic fraternity when they wear their ring.

I love how beautiful and stunning Masonic rings are and I am always excited to hear about my family’s experiences with Freemasonry and being part of such a strong brotherhood. The rings that my family members wear show that they are bound to Freemasonry for their whole lives and beyond. The rings are important symbols that they hold near to their hearts and they make sure to always have the rings on.


fox2nI have often wondered about Freemasonry and the significance of Masonic jewelry and I have learned a lot about it over the years. It is always interesting to me to learn about different beliefs and attitudes that people have. I have known a few people who are part of Freemasonry in my life and it is always interesting to hear what they are all about.

I have heard many different things about the significance of Masonic jewelry and what it means to wear it and I am always interested to hear more. A Masonic ring represents many different things and it includes important symbols which are displayed on the ring. The rings are often of high value and made out of gold and they are beautifully designed.

I am always learning more about Freemasonry and about the significance of a Freemasons ring. These rings tell the world something about the person who is wearing them. The symbols on the ring represent many different things including being humble and honest and changing the world for the better. The rings can mean different things to different people. I hope to learn a lot more about Freemasonry in the future and what it is about.

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Gold filled jewelry is quickly gaining popularity in the United States. It is a quality material that is easy to care for and maintains its brilliance for a long time. The process involves layering two or three layers of gold alloy that is bonded to another surface such as brass. Gold filled is required to contain 5% or 1/20 gold by weight. The 5% is then described by the KT of the gold alloy. Gold filled jewelry is identified by 10/20 or 10/14 or 10KT Gold filled or 14KT Gold filled is also acceptable. Gold filled will not peel or delaminate like a “dipped” product. It will also not tarnish like many sterling silver products. To clean a gold filled piece of jewelry it is best to just use warm soap and water. Gold filled will generally stand up or last longer than an electroplated piece of jewelry.

Gold plated jewelry is where a minute layer of solid gold is applied to a brass base. It is estimated to be about .05% or less of the metal product. Gold plating will typically wear off rather quickly and expose the underlying product made of brass. Over time, it does not typically stand up very well to exposure to heat or water.
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fox1I like to wear clothing and accessories that say a lot about who I am as a person. I have been wearing my Freemasons ring for a long time and it is a ring that really means a lot to me. This ring represents who I am on the inside and what I believe in and am passionate about. I wear my ring with pride and I don’t like to wear much other jewelry besides this ring.

My ring is a very high quality ring and it means a lot to me. It shows that I am bound with my fraternity forever and that I am complete and whole. My ring is a sign that I show to the world about my brotherhood and that I am bound to my Freemason brothers who have the same purpose in life and who share the same beliefs.

I don’t feel right if I don’t have my Freemasons ring on and I make sure to wear it all the time to show my promise and my bond. The ring is made of gold and has a high value. It is beautifully designed and a beautiful symbol of my commitment. I love wearing my ring every day and it is a great symbol of everything that I stand for.

masonic jewelry 2 8-19-16My duty and loyalty to the freemasons is something that I feel really effects many of the different aspects of my life. It is wonderful being a freemason and being part of an ancient community that goes back so far. I feel that I am really connected to my past and to different elements of the world which make me feel part of community.

To reinforce the way that this makes me feel, I typically will make sure that I am able to wear some different item that has the mason symbol on it. I have a few different pieces of masonic jewelry that I enjoy wearing on a regular basis. It feels good just to be able to have this jewelry close to my heart all of the time.

I have a special masonic necklace that I am especially fond of because this particular piece of jewelry is something that I really love to have close to my heart. The necklace looks lovely with the symbol of the masons on it. I feel that this necklace is something that really embodies the spirit of being a freemason. When I wear it, I feel the warmth of this ancient community around me.