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3 masonic jewelryI always make sure to look professional when I go out. I have pressed suits, fresh clothes, and clean jewelry. Because honestly, a bit of jewelry can go a long way. In particular, I really like wearing rings. There are actually some Masonic rings that I like to wear a lot, because the Freemasons were a big part of our family. My grandpa was a Freemason, and so was my uncle and my great-grandpa. I look up to them somewhat, in all honesty.

Not to mention, Masonic jewelry is absolutely stylish. It looks really good with just about any outfit I put on. The rings I have complement my outfits to perfection, and that’s all I can really ask for. I love that my sterling silver Masonic ring in particular helps bring out the silver buttons on one of my best suits. They’re great at completing outfits.

All in all, I love fashionable things. I’m glad my grandpa, great-grandpa, and my uncle were all fashionable people to have had rings like this. I can really look up to them in both morals and personal style. While I’m not a Mason myself, I really do like their ideals and their regal Masonic jewelry.

My Masonic Rings Mean a Lot to Me

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1 masonic ringsHaving a Mason as a father made me really want to become one. When I was a kid, I likes hearing about how Masons changed the world for the better. And as I got older, I decided to join a group to see what it was all about. And honestly, I’m really glad I did. I really did make my father proud, and I’m glad I was able to be a part of so many community projects to better shape the community around us.

I hope other little boys will be as influenced as I was to join the Masons. I like wearing my Masonic rings proudly, because they really symbolize a lot for me. They symbolize what I am as a person, and they help show my beliefs and ideals to the world. I think my rings definitely show what kind of person I am to people, even before they get to know me.

I’m just glad I was a part of the Masons. I now have a son that’s a part of the group as well, and it’s amazing to see the family all growing up in the same way. I think it’s great that our family is so stuck to tradition that it helps us stand tall and with stability.


brotherhoodI have been a part of freemasonry for many years now and my commitment to my brothers and sisters has been undying. One of my dear friends introduced me to freemasonry a while back and I have been very into it since. Freemasonry is about self-knowledge and respect. The members have very high morals and they are there for each other.

I was in a fraternity in college, but I have never been in one like this one. This is truly a fraternity that I can rely on and I stand by my brothers and sisters through anything and everything. I love how committed each free mason is and I love spreading the word about freemasonry to other people.

I have some awesome freemason rings that symbolize my commitment and the way that I feel about my brothers and sisters. These rings are very special to me and they represent so many different things. The symbols on the ring each have significant meaning and I am always eager to share those meanings with others. I love being able to show my commitment to brotherhood with the awesome rings that I have. I have gotten some of these rings as a gift for my freemason brothers and I enjoy having them myself as well.

masonic jewelry 5-18-16When I became a mason, I was really excited to be a part of this group. I had wanted to be one of these people for a long time because my father and my grandfather were both part of this group at different times. When I finally was a mason, I was very happy to be a part of the group so that I could live up to my family’s past.

I eventually decided that it would be a good idea to buy some kind of jewelry that I could wear to show my connection to this group no matter where I was or what I was doing. I started to look at all kinds of masonic jewelry including cuff links, rings, and necklaces that had the symbol of the mason displayed proudly on them. I loved looking at all of these different items.

Eventually, I decided that I would go with a ring since this would be the most versatile kind of jewelry for me as a whole. I knew that I would feel good wearing a ring like this on a regular basis. I love the way that the ring looks and am really excited to be able to start wearing it around all of the time since I feel like I’ve been waiting my whole life for this.


freemasons ring 5-18-16When my father died, I was the one who ended up going through all of the belongings that he left behind on this earth. It was very hard boxing up all of his treasures and trying to find places where they would actually be needed or wanted. I had a hard time actually finding somewhere that would take a lot of the items that were in his home.

When I was cleaning his house, I happened to come across an old ring that he owned when he was living. I had seen the ring many times, but I was still really surprised when I came across it because I had not expected to see it there. The ring is a really stunning freemason’s ring that I know my father wore often and kept close to him for much of his life.

After asking others in the family if they minded, I ended up keeping this ring. I feel great having this ring because I feel like the ring is really a close connection to my father. I know that the ring was very symbolic and important to him so I am happy to be able to have it. Maybe one day I will be a mason just like my father was.


masonic ringWhen I started to look into the idea of getting a ring to symbolize my membership in the mason organization, I was surprised by just how many different rings were available to me. It was really shocking to me that I had all of these choices to look at. I felt strange seeing all of the different types of rings that could potentially be mine since I knew it was a big choice to make.

Of course the first thing that I had to consider was the material that each of these rings were made out of. I wanted something that would be long lasting and beautiful for many years to come. I thought of getting silver or gold rings, but I really wasn’t sure which kind of ring might be better for me to have for a long time.

I eventually decided that I just preferred the gold masonic rings to any of the other types of rings that I could choose from. I bought a smaller ring that was relatively simple compared to many of the rings that other people that I know have. I feel like this ring is one that looks really nice and it doesn’t draw too much attention.


masonic ringEven though my father has been a freemason for a while, he has not actually bothered with getting any of the different jewelry items that many of his fellow masons wear. It isn’t that he doesn’t want any of these items, he just worries about spending the money on jewelry when my mother has so many problems with her health.

I feel bad that he doesn’t yet have any kind of jewelry to symbolize his connection to the society since I know that it really does matter to him. For this reason, I have been looking into the idea of getting one of these items of jewelry myself. I just feel so bad that he doesn’t have something that he can wear to show his connection to the society.

I have been looking at many different types of masonic rings so that I can find ones that I know he will like. I have seen many different types of rings that are made from different materials and are unique from each other. I feel that it would be best for me to be able to find some type of a ring that would be simple since this would look best on his hand.


masonic jewelryIt’s always great to tell people I’m a Mason. I’m really proud to be one, because people in my family were Masons, too. It’s like continuing the family tradition, which is a positive thing. My dad is a Mason, and his dad was, too. I think my uncle was a Mason, and might still be one. I think my mother’s dad was also a Mason, too. Nonetheless, we have a lot of Masons in my family tree.

I’m just so glad that I can continue the tradition, even though times have changed a lot. Back when the Masons started, we didn’t have all this technology, and we had a very different mindset as humans. It’s amazing to see that an organization like this has been around for so long. It has really survived the test of time, that’s for sure.

So when I look at my Masonic jewelry, I’m really reminded of that fact. The Freemasons were such a huge part of the community, and even though time has passed, they’re still around. I’m so happy to be a part of it in this day and age. It really gives me a sense of community when I go to the meetings, which is a great feeling.


masonic ringThere are various masonic rings out there and the one that is most precious to me is my Knights Templar ring. I chose this ring after choosing to join the York rite. I have been able to wear this masonic ring ever since I chose to become a Knights Templar. The Knights Templar is part of the York Rite and I wear my ring proudly.

I have enjoyed being a Knights Templar and I look back on my journey every time I take in the beauty of my masonic ring. The ring is made of gold and features red and gold colors that look brilliant. I have a few other masonic rings besides this one and they are all part of my amazing journey.


My Freemasons Ring Shows My Rank

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freemasons ringI have a wonderful freemasons ring that I have bought recently and it shows my rank and affiliations in freemasonry. I have moved through some of the different rankings swiftly and have earned my freemasons ring. I love the stunning colors on it and that I can wear it on any occasion.

The ring that I have is an antique piece that gives me classic style. The ring signifies that I have held the rank of Master of my lodge. My ring is stunning and it was hard to find a ring that’s as beautiful as this one. I love wearing this high-end freemasons ring and showing my standing in freemasonry.